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August Update

We have enjoyed hosting our kids in our new home in Orlando for the first time. Alli and Leah are with us all summer. Brooke, David, Zac, and Gigi were able to join us for a few days of serious family fun.

In June, I (Trent) was invited to preach at Ascend Church in Kansas City. It was a joy being able to stand before a local church congregation on a Sunday and say “Open your Bible” for the first time in a while. Ascend church is part of the Great Commission Collective where I still serve as a board member. This allows me to remain connected to our family of local churches across the country.

As part of my onboarding at FamilyLife, I attended three doctrine classes required for all new staff. I was encouraged by the solid foundation of biblical theology I found in these classes.

Did you know that FamilyLife is an entity of Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ)? For many years they operated rather autonomously but with FamilyLife’s relocation from Little Rock, Arkansas to Orlando, Florida there is much more collaboration. Cru is a missionary sending agency that is home to almost 20,000 missionaries around the world, including almost 400 FamilyLife staff.

Every other year Cru staff gather in one place for a staff conference. This year’s conference took place in Milwaukee last week. Gathering in one place allowed us to see the bigger picture of our new calling and assignment. Cru’s model is to win, build, and send multiplying disciples of Jesus in fulfillment of the Great Commission. FamilyLife does this by effectively developing godly families who change the world one home at a time.

Your investment in us is what allows us to “live sent” as missionaries to marriages and families. THANK YOU for your prayers and generosity. The need for gospel-centered biblical truth for marriage and family has never been greater as our culture increasingly drifts from what is good for it. We see great opportunity to strengthen the outreach strategies through FamilyLife and beyond.

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